Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cleaning Window tracks Tip#1

Tip #1 Cleaning Window tracks
Vacuum the tracks, some vacuum cleaners have the attachment that fits into the window track.
We recommend the following:
1.    Use a dry toothbrush to loosen everything up and then put the pointy end of the vacuum in.
2.    An electric toothbrush.
3.    The large ended cotton buds that are actually fatter, use damp ones for built up dirt.
4.    You could also try a paintbrush to move any dirt then use the vacuum with attachment.
5.    You can purchase attachments for your vacuum from most home ware outlets, and godfreys Rockingham.
Make sure that take care wile vacuming,water or dampness as this could damage your vacuum cleaner (and you)
The best way to keep on top of the cleaning is to make sure it’s a regular thing, perhaps each time you do your vacuuming include the tracks, when inspection times come there won’t be any rushing around at the last minute to get it done.
Dirty tracks cause damage to the runners and to the tracks; they can also encourage mould growth if they are wet, damp and left closed up.  
It is also advisable to make sure you clean your internal and external windows prior to doing the tracks.


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